Losing My Heart

A free verse moment


When I think about where I’ve been,

the miles of deceit my mind has endured

to decide upon some sacrifice

get in line,

they all wait with baited breath

because it’s easy to decline

any idea of fortune

when feeling the pain of surviving

seems to be the only outlet.


The fabrication of all of our solution,

we listen, we speak to what we want to hear

especially when those close

are found nowhere near.


It’s easy to wrap ourselves in this despair

this convoluted mean-spirited affair,

the woe is me,

the I don’t care,

the sometimes people just really don’t any longer

have the time to wonder where

the years have gone,

the years have gone,

the years have gone and tomorrow seems awfully near,

so wherever we land

doesn’t really matter



I was walking down the street one afternoon,

saw some kids playing nearby,

thought of my children when so much younger,

their laughter was rampant without a care,

I shed a tear in memory,

because I can’t go back there,

wish I could

think I should

somehow there has to be an after.


I woke up this morning, went to pray for my soul,

I woke up this … my heart had unraveled whole.

© Thom Amundsen.  8/2021

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