A Suitable Legacy

For pomp we would the guest list.

Our long candle lit nights

produce the finest in her mind.


For I was always, would be

wish to

might be the assurance

she could

seek to

come to count upon

to rely upon

to know.


Over the years then

they do travel

in the minds

occurrence of two lives.


For having understood childbearing

the endurance and sacrifice

such as a beauty

must merit miracle,

he, in attentive eye,

wept with tear.


While she will travel

this world again

setting to include girl with boy

sister with brother

so that lives would embrace

sweet horizon in hands.


The stage

now a constant reminder

how the illusion

of our lives does play out

in magical terms

painful turns

in time we can discover

peace inside

the mystery of

a sweet surrender.


For lives do matter if ever a legacy imagine.

©️ Thom Amundsen 2/2020

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