A Walk Outside

Step on the concrete now

feel the motion of your legs

taking a stroll

somewhere a familiar


finding the same


something might be different

between you and me.


We walked here together

many years ago

felt the beauty of a moment

holding hands …

and then it stopped

the dream

the soft familiar surroundings

became just a vapid stream

taking us away

along some

forgotten trail.


The irony of my words

being splayed upon the page

is a safety valve

I’ve incurred

knowing my words will stay alone

without your eyes

even I forget

how many hours it would hurt

to realize these words

would never be heard.


For whom

we want to know

must start inside

rather than unknown

hope he might ever decide

to venture in alone.


For then he might’ve known.


©️ Thom Amundsen 1/2020

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