The Concept of Love

Speak to the world with a knowing eye,

rather the response to be noted inflection,

would that our world could take a deep breath,

remember the time we shouted across the wood.


Seems today easier to hit a keyboard,

shout out swift insecurity while hiding face.

Easier it is on the mind to shelter swift storm

in the eyes of a monitor, there seems no filter.


One time I recall my father having missed the tide,

yelled my name across the neighborhood,

such a shuddering bellow, I was a scared child,

running into his arms with tears and apology.


I wonder about a cellphone, I’m curious of a text,

had that impact been as strong with a ping.

Oh to know the true sanity of society is real,

when in a moment our feelings and emotions

are measured clearly in the arms of those we love.




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