The Dismantling of Society

We have issues, considerable in their enormity.

Fight for our rights, we wish to flee beyond

social constraints, societal mores in ignorance.


If I don’t like you I will take you apart with zeal,

but you’ll never see my eyes, never know my face,

I’ll bury you behind the calm glow of my monitor.


When we turn on the news we see a familiar tone,

the world is filled with a certain silent hatred.

a seething menace of indecision and indifference.


We know how to scare one another with simple words,

the only evidence is the permanence of a passage,

speaks to the ills in order to hurt any select reader.


In the process of deciding who to hurt we are the menace,

there’s no need to care about compassion anymore,

so passe when clearly all we want is the ego to survive.

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