White Guilt

This reality bandied about by perspective,

the alternative news, the fake reality,

all designed to help us forget about society,

the other day I heard about voter fraud,

I’m pretty sure the election is over,

they got what they wanted after all,

they all got what they want,

live with it,

forget about trying to appease the masses,

not your masses,

the other millions of people that boarded buses to go to different states

to help elect an idiot,

wait a second,

that voter fraud crap has returned again,

is it for you or is it for me,

certainly isn’t a plan for them,

they, those, the others, the people we always were told

in gradeschool,

be specific, don’t generalize,

give them names,

wait a second,

there’s that education thing now,

we don’t need no stinking logic,

just tweet.

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