Knowing the Other Side

I’ve lost friends,

known people  with questions,

I remember one time just down the block,

I’ve often wondered if he knew,

the bang,

she seemed too understanding, so then,

another time, there was this bridge,

the afterward did not complement her living


I’ve never known the dead,

to be,

well, to carry this allusion of serenity,

except maybe my dad …

I think we all would like to know,

where it is, why, sleeping again forever,

seems to be the fatalist, the pessimist,

the one who always talked you out of risk,

and afterward walking around for hours

always trying,

trying always,

wanting to realize outcomes,


it is when we look beyond ourselves

we begin to notice

the tears before they ever begin.

2 thoughts on “Knowing the Other Side

  1. It is a hard thing to do. I think it’s the one thing we are lacking most of our culture. Basic empathy for a fellow team and beans. Stepping outside of ourselves, and walking in other people shoes. Just trying to understand how the other guy thinks, and feels. And validating that. So obviously, I appreciated this piece! Thanks Thom.

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