Just a Sweet Hello

We wanted to say hello,

though the hours had passed,

the mind had fast left the room,

we were all nearby, our hearts

filled with love trying everyone

to understand just how we might

practice compassion

the way she always would.


Oh a life ago,

she struggled to know

just how fair her world was,

though through time,

a family’s love

there began an autumn

filled with delight and smiles …

the Heavens above shined upon

her Grace, with allowance,

a chance to bring her family



Once again they did demonstrate,

when she would light up the room,

well everyone would dance,

her love a shine in his eyes,

their romantic sails did

a world of family create.

So today we celebrate a life,

far too young yet filled with

certain memory, certain gain,

… the elegance is hers again.


*written for a friend who battled C to the end.

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