I Cried For You Tonight

I thought about the reality of time,

that I existed well beyond the scope of you,

though I remember you,

will never ever forget the beauty

of you.


I wonder if my being safe

should have been the hardship I have

made it out to be,

allowed myself to not be free,

become the latter part of we,

when truly you left.


Now the world is an active place,

when then we could dial a friend,

now we simply punch a letter or two,

and the connection is immediate

you’d be surprised

about a few of our innovations.


Yet, the one we missed,

that mortality thing,

even when not planned you disappeared

left me holding onto memory,

today perhaps I’m still holding on,

not memory so much as tragedy.


The other day,

some kids were flying across the ice,

an SUV with open tailgate

laughter I could hear it,

as I slid through the intersection,

the one they’d just passed,

on ropes and challenges.


I stopped in the middle of the road,

went up to the boys

yelled for what seemed more time

than the impact you created

when you lost your life

skitching across the road.


I wonder some time,

if you might let me know,

if did the right thing

by not letting go.

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