Harboring Renditions


Imagining exits and entrances,

wondering about time and place,

the souls that have passed

how often have we consumed the knowledge

of a world passing beyond our lives.


When I look upon the waters,

I do find curious notions, the travelers

how many did choose to return,

and what about the others,

those that this harbor town helped define

in memoriam.


The waves are a cool reminder

arctic society exists, we seek shelter

yet our eyes are watching, waiting,

sometimes forever,

wandering minds that do have hopeful

yearnings for that certain surprise,

the sort that allows our dignity to be restored.


Quiet waters carry soul

somewhere beyond ourselves,

there is a mystique in nature’s landing,

we have an always seeking desire,

to understand,

to define,

to be the decision maker,

yet, glance upon an opening

only to realize all so clearly beyond …


The opening is seductive,

in its manner to suggest

we have opportunity to design,

we can call it our own rendition,

depends clearly upon the horizon.





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