Swimming Perilous

I walked out the door and felt the world react,

slow movements would for sure,

open eyes to respond with a questionable stare,

or a glance might recognize despair.


As much as understand the perilous nature of time

I could foresee little value in idle search,

the sort of find my way authenticity of a good cry,

I wanted only to respond in kind.


There by the edge of the world lies a sea quiet

though the waves will tilt the scales

of security for if we allow, they will welcome us,

to drift into a blind atmospheric adventure.


I walked alongside a mountain trail to find a valley

one might wish to contain all of our wares,

the virtue of reality, the essence of our soul,

yet there again the trail would narrow sooner I’d allow.


Mindless again I would swim in oceans of terror,

wondering just how far away from soil,

I could withstand the passionate drift,

that place my life would rather absorb.


In glance, I do grasp the fortune of normalcy,

yet wonder is the creative energy this lunacy.

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