Wanting More

I do

in our society,

I want more,


on a given day,

I can wake to a sunlit morning,

crisp with a fresh layer of winter’s warmth,


there’s something out there,

I want more.

A person an observer

might suggest,

there is less

to the desire

than meets the eye,

a guy, a woman, an individual, a society,

we are all looking for some aspect of


Is it as constant for you as it is for me,

or am I the selfish one,

watching you, feeling envy,

knowing that somewhere along the line

I watched you receive more,

or didn’t really watch,

just imagined that to be the case.


What if we all did take a break,

try not to imagine,

just be.

2 responses to “Wanting More”

  1. I too am guilty of the more factor. Great thought to pause. Put in beautiful verse.


    1. Thanks Mark, catching up on lost posts I guess. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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