Happy Xmas, she SCREAMED!

When I was twenty, well just old enough,

I watched my world collapse on a New York sidewalk,

I didn’t realize until many days later

the reality of our lives had just taken another.


I saw the photographs,


I argued with a homeless man in

Strawberry Fields about a certain date,

and realized later on I was wrong,

yet it didn’t make me think of being strong.


I’m watching the snow fall tonight,

listening to the world simply move on,

and I wonder sometimes …


I wonder if people realize his words,

were just beginning to take hold.

While all around him waiting souls

were listening intently wishing to know,

if there really was any truth

in watching the wheels turn.


The truth is nothing else really mattered,

while she laid on a cold sidewalk holding his

dying spirit, his eyes pleading for some response,

knowing she would dance beyond the tears,

she could remember him,

she would recall his grace, his beauty, his words.


I’m listening tonight, while the snow falls,

we have a pretty world around us

if we can stay inside the pleasant guise

of Mother Nature, and forget all the other

Bullshit that still exists that he was,

he wanted everyone to understand,

he want …


“one and one and one is three/

got to be good looking cuz he’s so hard to see!

Come together, right now!” -Lennon


I’m listening to the lyrics tonight,

the evening sky is turning toward winter,

“the near and the dear ones,

the old and the young”

We’re all here together to hear,

the beautiful nature of who we are,

who he was, who they were, why did she



Wouldn’t you?

Happy Xmas!



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