Kick Me in the Teeth

Please, go ahead, I’m asking you to,

the theory,

if I slam my head against the wall,

my feet won’t hurt as much,

think about my words,

they are tiresome,

loathsome, irritable, totally absurd in the perspective you choose,

to suggest we follow today,

unbeknownst to tomorrow.

Every waking day, I watch the news to see the next


who will follow the web,

the long talons of indiscretion you seemingly liken

to the strengthening of America.


I am often appalled nowadays,

having been beaten into the ground by rhetoric,

all of which stepped all over a lot of dreams,

sure maybe mine too,

I’m more speaking of the quiet voices,

those afraid of you from the start.


Me, I already know, my teeth are gone, just waiting for your violent boot.

2 responses to “Kick Me in the Teeth”

  1. Wonderful word play with the web. Thom, I can really relate to your angst. I feel it. Every day. And I don’t want to feel like that anymore.


    1. thanks Mark, starting to react.

      Liked by 1 person

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