Grateful Indecisions

I would like to believe in this,

yet, someone told me not so long ago …

in an afterthought I decided,

a different direction might perhaps show

how silly ridiculous indecision can be,

when allowed to fester in the mind of our soul.


There is a question of what is right, perhaps what’s wrong,

and then you look me in the eye and tell me again,

I’d simply forgotten is all,

call it human frailty,

and I do walk away self-righteous and proud,

though the cumbersome matter remains our reality.


I listen in earnest to the politic of a poignant idea

and wonder in quiet if when I react,

will I be lauded for agreement or crucified a vixen

of change,

that purveyor of an indecent load of scrutiny,

suggested upon those now with the authority.


I suppose I’ll rather than dwell upon that which has occurred,

might we begin to unravel bindings hold fast passionate Grace.

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