If I Sleep, I Lose

Have you the courage

to join in the fight,

to step through the mire of second-guessing

peer pressures that though you defined them way back

in sixth grade,

the pressure remains,

I still have to ask you for my approval,

well maybe not with words,

but oh my,

those looks

when controversy knocks on our door,

and you know I love a good moment,

not to help etch in the marble on my plaque,

though it seems sometimes that is the case,

lately I’ve changed,

lately I’ve managed to rearrange,

lately though the hours continue by,

I seemingly cannot seem to stand by and watch the world,

the continual process of mechanization

seems to define our lives.

Lately I only want to figure out a way

to help the remaining hours go away,

then be reminded again.

We already know it exists, I mean,

look at your neighbor,

he hates your guts you know,

can’t you feel that?

Well perhaps there is an occasional

missed opportunity.

I just feel this sense of want,

this need,

I have to go on,

I want to continue forward,

will you join me,

they’ll all follow us I’m sure.

We do recognize there is a pattern here.

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