The Reality of Now


Today I’m watching the news,

not sure why,

just gives me the blues,

easy to cry,

but the reality is,

no matter the biz

the outcome this evening is beyond anyone’s

surreal sky

blue picture of an ideal world of truth and real.

The real is now,

no matter the argument, the speculate,

the absurdity that one party suggests is the other,

has mirrors being passed out at the poll.


We are the same as we ever were,

we have our wants and our needs and our passions

and we still have our wants,

our this is me, and no one else really matters diseases.


The reality of now,

is that no matter how

far we think we have come,

we are still the same people we were centuries ago,

we still rely upon our heart and mind and we often find ourselves,

asking forgiveness from our soul.


Yet I haven’t found quite the routine,

the definitive answer,

the absolution of my own individual scene,

I haven’t discovered quite the way

to figure out what everything does really mean.


I do know this, I want to live my life in peace,

not just live knowing or believing or accepting I am right or wrong

I only want to know we can believe together,

the reality is now.

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