News, Again

We were walking down the street,

noticed a sunrise,

realized a beautiful woman was walking directly,

into the sun,

changed my state of mind,

not sure about his,

but for me, I forgot about the news for the day,

and realized the simple beauty of her way.


And then the news became a circus

something about this woman, something, a woman,

some response from the crowd that looked at her,

a similar walk, a familiar tone, a beautiful resonance,

that today we could appreciate,

yet instead of loving the elegance of beauty in its most natural form …

We do become the heathen,

feeling threatened by her own reason.


I watched the news tonight,

seemed the same trivial matters,

that in eleven days will no longer matter,

and suddenly

we’ll wake up on the 9th,

and everything will matter,

yet, if we look closely the next day,

and the day after that,

when we find a sunny morning,

we can walk toward the sunrise …

she’ll still be there, she’ll still be


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