National Fatigue

I only speak for myself,

call it a selfish uprising,

I’m confused, battered, saddened, hypocritical,

burdened by some, mocked by the rest,

certain to be the brunt of many wisecracks,

disrespected for my ability to protect, serve,

less thoughtful then I’d like to be,

given the nature of this scrutiny.

I was once proud, held allegiance to many,

began a movement that created a freedom,

recognized the beauty of inclusion,

and even that simple truth,

no longer exists on the streets, in the classroom, at home,

because we are all wrapped up in the chaos,

I worry about the future, not because of my strength,

more due to my self-esteem, my need for validation, my responsibility

to hold up our confidence in global liberty¬†…

The leaders of my dream, I’m curious,

I don’t even know who they are anymore,

Where am I,

this is not my United States,

Where is my America?

2 responses to “National Fatigue”

  1. I need to look at my local community to find America nowadays Thom. It seems the news, this presidential election is not reflecting “my block” so to speak. That’s all I have.

    Great post my friend. Very thought provoking.

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    1. I think your sentiment is so true Mark – I’m coming to the conclusion we need to really rely upon ourselves, our communities, our neighbors, our loves, and even our dislikes, and ignore the drawn out and salable hypocrisy of the media – I’m disgusted, but I do know that myself alone, when I can surround my life with good, no ill found leadership can dissuade my inner strength. Thanks!

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