While We Await Outcome

I live in a country of freedom,

I walk outside without fear

at least not your fear,

I can stroll along the avenue

embrace the fall of summer’s warmth,

I can look beyond my quiet reality,

without concern of a sudden tragedy.


and then they say its relative,

we handle what it is we can,

we jump to conclusions about the Man,

and everyday we have a new demand.


I was upset the other night about a man,

whom I do not love but I understand,

I watch as life treats them with pleasure,

their smile will be rewarded perhaps forever.

I wondered about my state of mind,

if how many times, will I allow my life’s remind

of a difficult circumstance where I feel exposed,

while in the classroom I teach them how to behold

the beauty of inner strength,

to recognize their lives do always matter.


Tonight I watched a couple of mouths at a bird feeder,

the seeds flowing freely for both to prim each feather,

yet who would believe that either animal survive

if without our freedoms they were simply cast aside.


So while we fester upon the ills we might rather avoid,

let’s keep in mind there’s always love to help fill the void.

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