Society is a Ruse

Choice is an allowance,

no privilege involved really,

little to do with societal merits,

beyond our soul bearing

human nature.


What is found on the idiot box,

that bastion of fear and abandon,

the place we choose to believe

holds more value

than that which we hold at home.


That manipulation is true,

imagine if left alone, and rather

we pick up stone to hold in hand,

to feel the history of time,

beyond what is today a reliance.


I do walk the wood,

to escape the concrete oblivion,

so often that place of demise,

helps me forget,

while awash in elegance and song.


I once imagined a hamlet,

tucked in the dense forest while a river nearby,

carried the souls of the world,

just passing by,

and my fantasy belonged quite nearby.


If we could let go of opinion,

would our lives really matter,

in the greater scheme of things,

I mean would the pundits

with all their thunder even bother.


I do in time recall the beauty of rain,

so natural in a cleansing elegance,

a quiet remind,

we have another being,

draws our hopes and dreams.



2 responses to “Society is a Ruse”

  1. Your hamlet reminds me of Yeats “Lake Isle of Innisfree” where the poet has a recluse to himself in nature. I’ve had similar yearnings to you, and Yeats!


    1. Wow, Mark I don’t know how to respond to this, you are beyond kind – my favorite poet! 🙂

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