Reach Horizons

Watching the night’s horizon,

Shades in amber, blue looming rain,

A mix in all of Nature’s wonder,

Soul driven inspiration must occur.

If only beauty were our allowance,

The ugliness suggested remain

Underground where slides a current.

A wave of survival as yet unseen.

We bury our dead in the ground below,

Offer solace to memory to return

To the soil where life began,

Cover their grotesque remains.

Would that all of our pity fears

Be exposed readily without plan

To recognize the burden of truth.

Then might we all be understood.

In how we seek nirvana alone

Is it similarly our mass exodus,

From that is wrong to right,

Are we simple in mind so free?

Where the complexities lie ahead

We manage to filter our legions

The battleground always fluid,

The participants our own freedom.

Seek me in the open field when sunlit

Horizons allow my full spirit flight,

Then might I recognize a purpose

That my constant reach suddenly land.

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