Western Sky

Sun-streak golden, with amber’s crimson hue

We would notice only with a second’s glance

A sky forever new with evening shadows blue

Would we regard the design of natural chance.


In the earth’s orbit, we seek to recognize

A reason for being often taken by evening

Sky will evolve our eyes without knowing

What will new found symbolism surmise.


A world designed around a way of life, a norm

Each one of us employs in a desire to feel whole,

A value, a staple, a manner of speaking we form

Our own opinion, dig ourselves out of any hole.


We give our lives to the established society

That which honors a self-loathing angst for all

Who tread across her midnight sky to befall

The very nature of idiocy she might call clarity.


We cannot matter to the others who’ve gone before

Those world learners who without any new release

Rely solely upon the natural order, shown the door,

To the evil nature, of a society bent upon losing peace.

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