While You Were Away (on misguided mentors)

I began to understand

A certain way to live, to breathe,

Without needing you anymore,

No longer the pawn,

To distribute the wealth of your own

Exceedingly Exedrin headache driven doctrine,

I chose to ride out the storm,

And rely upon no one,

Especially not your own false promise.


Though I do understand hurt.

Please don’t ever believe I cannot

Again know the pain of realization,

The angst, the soft delivery of a failure,

That place you did breathe upon

Other for the benefit of your own scrutiny

Being misled and misdirected,

To soothe ego,

For it is about that certain validation.


Yet then a soft melody reminds me

Again of the beauty of man,

That there is some inherent reality

In our own ability to see the remarkable,

The nature of forgiveness shed upon the hurt,

To help ease the pain of knowing,

Just to begin again to say I love you,

Without any need to care any other way.

We just do find a way.


Though I could never forget the way I lost my way

The hands of your temperament – that sound again.

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