In This Place

I wander still

After all the games,

The sweet affairs of society,

I walk alone,

In wonder

If this were all so very real.


I began early as a child

To understand the haunt

Of a naked horizon,

That little felt, shared ideal,

Causes a stir,

The desire to run, run again.


Yet, wrapped in this surreal

Shroud of decency I discovered

A need to question, to curious

Know there are other manners.

People might be afraid,

Beyond the integrity of a norm.


I cry sometimes when I am

This way,

The place I belong yet find a mystery,

I search and crawl and hope, I pray, I might discover …

Some way to accept the now,

With every past response to love.


So it is again, I am in this place, today, tonight, to –

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions …

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