Hillary Gets My Vote

I know we all have our bias, and I do try to respect everyone’s opinion. I watched parts of Cleveland last week, and focused mostly on the commentators. I found it difficult to listen to the speeches, thematically they seemed angry and fed into a fear-mongering mindset that left me feeling nervous and afraid. But fortunately, I have learned how to process through those feelings before I make rash decisions. So I left it at that knowing well, I had no affinity with this year’s Republican candidate for the Presidency.

I would consider myself a moderate, not the liberal many of my friends and family would suggest, but I do try to listen to both sides. Only rarely in my conscious life of paying attention to politics has a third party intrigued me, and that is not the case this year. I am faced with looking at a two party Presidency so my choices are limited. I do want to vote for the right candidate.

Eight years ago, I thought Hillary was running too early in her career, and that she needed more seasoning in the political arena before going after our most prestigious seat in our government. Turns out, she lost to a candidate who took the country by a storm, and changed our routine way of life, simply by the color of his skin. Though there are detractors (unfriend me now if you like) I have watched a POTUS of absolute integrity fight the good fight, and stand up every time he was knocked to the ground this last eight years. Last night, I listened to his wife speak with such eloquence and regard, I could not reflect upon any aspect of their tenure where they demonstrated anything but the highest integrity for our American values and family ideals.

Perfect? No. I think it is relatively impossible to be the perfect POTUS no matter the party affinity. I couldn’t imagine the pressure to mediate through a society of extremes.

So today, I’m listening to the Democratic convention. Yes, I would suggest I am a democrat, and while the majority of people that are close to me supported the Bernie ticket, I did too, but in the end I felt compelled to remain with the democratic ticket. So tonight, I’m listening to the 2nd day of a thematic process. The themes I’m listening to are about hope and love and compassion. Tonight and last night the speakers have focused upon moving forward, not backward.

I choose to move forward and let our country continue on a progressive road that will speak to the people. I’m with her.

2 responses to “Hillary Gets My Vote”

  1. Well said, me too, and it’s time. 👍🏻😃

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    1. I always believed we thought alike 🙂 Hope you are well!

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