I’m Sick to Know Evil

I’m sickened by the events of Nice tonight and the day of the Bastille. What provokes a man, a human being to simply go on an escapade to kill as many people as they can in the most brutal and horrific fashion, only to be shot himself in the end. Suicide by copy is common in our society, but this travesty seems far more than that.

I haven’t any answers, only the raw emotion of fear that goes with the knowledge that yet again our society is vulnerable, but it is not exclusive to our home, not our neighboring countries, not those places we may never see but real lives like our own exist, just as our existence keeps them connected in some displaced manner in our society.

While around the world we grieve another tragedy, this one on a specific planned anniversary date, one when the world would be gathered for Bastille, yet again, a lone individual took matters into their own hands until law enforcement ceased their will to live.

Where do we go from here? Frankly I am tiring of waiting for the next shoe to drop, it happens far too frequently these days. How might we ever imagine we can gain a handle on this epidemic, if whenever a horrific incident causing certain loss of life.

As trite as it sounds, we must find love, we haven’t any other option. I cannot speak more on the topic. It sickens me to think of the senseless killing and the selfishness the copy cats, the evil in our world demonstrates on such a frequent basis.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions …

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