I Wonder About Resilience


I watch the faces,

wonder where are the tears,

I know when he passed,

she cried out loud for the cameras,

there’s no question grief exists,

but how do we measure our own.


We live in a world of scrutiny,

a division of equality,

chaotic and absurd the hypocrisy,

when someone cries,

we turn off the channel to watch

more fiction, more golf, more anything

rather than deal with the reality of your loss,

I’d rather have a beer on the deck,

stay away from me,

get your own world to care about you!

That is what I see.


She doesn’t have tears,

he doesn’t fall apart,

in the public eye,

don’t let me confuse the reality of

what it means to have a certain strike against


before you ever leave your door.

Do we all know who


who we are?


Time to figure it out,

realize the tears are always there,

just so many have already been lost,

the hope is sheltering the storm,

and we are all afraid to lose our own


2 responses to “I Wonder About Resilience”

  1. Yes. Let’s figure it out. I’m always amazed because I don’t see the division that I see on the news my local community. I live in a city that is one third black, one third white, and one third Hispanic. My immediate neighbors are black, Muslim, and El Salvadorian. I really believe, or I’m starting to, that media paints the worst picture imaginable. After the almighty dollar of course.

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    1. I certainly think there is truth to what you say Mark, I don’t disagree with the media’s exploitation of our society’s ills. However, I also believe our society needs to look further into the depth of rhetoric, and how easily lost we can become in status quo. I am in no way questioning your commentary on your neighborhood, I feel the same about mine and my classroom, a very diverse one indeed. I also believe there needs to be a greater awareness of how cultures do cope with the mores placed naturally against them.

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