Psychiatrists and Healing

Well this one is a fail,

the end of the road,

there is a certain emotion prevail

when we can no longer be told,


how it is we are to run our lives,

who we know and hope directly survives

the outcome of a

decision made this way.


Did I say ruin or destroy,

well that reminds me

of a time I did once employ

a certain way of life – I wanted to be.


Tonight though, doesn’t matter really where,

I do have this perception,

this fantasy turned reality, a suggested beware,

living my own definition.


I wanted to tell you to go fuck yourself,

but there is that decorum thing always burdens me.

I can only recall the stories on your shelf,

the breakthrough moments of therapy.


I have yet to recognize the value of

moving forward,

I’d want to hear the cooing of a single dove,

assures me I’m not a coward.


I believe it is true, the time has come,

my sanity for your own kingdom.

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