Feigned Independence

Feigned Independence

Feigned Independence


Watch the sky mindful

Of the celebration, fulfill

All of our dreamy fantasy

We explode in ecstasy


Lest we forget the warfare

The loss of life we dare ignore

While a child screams the lights

Streamers ill shadow the night


For over there, in everywhere

Their celebration is a fear

When what will rock our home

Gathers page in a virtual tome


We are the purveyor of freedom

Cast in marble is this kingdom

Forgotten, always lost the victim,

Just meats and grills the dictum.


She plays with a hula-hoop

An Americanized loop de loop

Not far from her eyes a brutal

Red rockets on land are lethal.


We live in this country of freedom

Yet we cannot define our fiefdom

Beyond the shallow grave is ignorance

She in another world has no chance


© Thom Amundsen 2016 July

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