When Sadness Prevails

We do,

so often is the time,

travel alone in our state of mind.

Seldom are we together

for that moment shakes the earth

around us all, becomes beyond our own.


We look to the sky,

the formative posture

always is a light that shines

no matter the temperate nature

of a befallen odyssey.

That is the piece

if we could share our knowledge,

understand each other’s smile,

rather than remark about vacant promise.


Can I stand next to you,

without my own fear becoming

recognized as a nervous response

from a stranger nearby.

Is it possible

to ever feel an assurance

we listen to the same notes,

the keyboard will sing,

and each tear becomes our own.


I do live for today,

I would if while my breath

becomes more steadied

always be

just ready, just

ready me for the next task,

that place of opportunity,

we all seem to wish upon a

natural peace.

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