In the Darkness of an Hour

We can forget who we are,

a simple glance,

a misstep in the halls

the realization that something lost

will not be found, had, held, known

in this our lifetime.


In the darkness of an hour,

our sanity,

that which in expression we present

as affect

always the nature of our well-being,

we will show the good side,

to mask the pieces of fabric we cannot mend.


If once a suggestion taught otherwise

everything we believe

might seem as improbable

as finding hope and optimism

in the corner drug store

when a child of eight,

looked at the candy bars like heaven.


In the darkness of an hour

an anxiety rush,

a spell of wall chasing paranoia,

the notion of …

is this really depression

will forever alter the course of



Perhaps we might recognize there are minutes.

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