Without Recall

I sometimes find a chuckle in my thinking,

it was like this before,

I say to myself,

and wonder about the eyes around me.

Do they know the same things I do,

or are they there too,

are we all part of this constant query,

this aspect of not really understanding

why we do live amongst the rocks and treees,

why birds when they shelter our storm,

with melodic sweet song,

how do we give the grace of pause,

to help us suddenly realize why.


I often cannot really recall,

when it was I began to think

with such concern,

in constant agony,

within a certain time-frame,

of suggesting,

this is the way it always has been,

has to be,

has become after years of trying to figure it out.

I know some that have … and my envy allows me to realize

I am not alone with such disparate thinking.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions …

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