I Watch The News Every Day

I discovered recently,

a day away

isn’t enough to take it away.

I’m speaking of the pain,

the heartfelt agony.


I watch it because we have to

stay connected,


be the purveyor of hope,

allow our selves to become one.


I find it rather easy

to understand the anchor heads,

the messengers,

all appear content to deliver

similar themes, purposeful tragedy.


I wonder if they might ever

find themselves in here, this place,

this world amongst all of our dreams,

a place we listen,

and often express with great bravado.


I do realize that even now,

the man standing next to me,

could be the one,

he might be carrying a gun,

yet maybe this isn’t the time.


I seldom imagine the woman

in all of her elegance

a sharp eye and focus on

a compassionate end of the day,

would ever threaten our world.


Yet, just the other day,

the talking heads

mentioned there were terrorists

amongst us today,

without gender distinction.


I’m not suggesting anything,

I don’t wish to end on a

sour note,

there is far enough discrepancy

to allow her skeptical heart to ache.


I might only speak to the confusion,

the errant need to negotiate

what’s important to my day,

based upon their word,

when if I could just walk away …


“I read the news today, Oh boy”

… and even he was dead,

we heard the news

only to find another reason to cry.

2 responses to “I Watch The News Every Day”

  1. This is beautiful Thom. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve been thinking about this stuff a lot recently. Especially with 2 young kids, trying to shelter them from this world or even imagining them living or growing up in this crazy world. I wrote a poem on the same theme recently. I wanted to link it here in case you didn’t catch it. Have a great day my friend. I sure hope you’re not teaching summer school! I know I’m not!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thanks Mark, I will take a look 🙂


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