There Is A Quiet Stream

There is a quiet stream,

exists just beyond the horizon,

perhaps for some a dream

drift aside  original reason.


We do travel often in solo sojourn,

always to wish for this outcome,

better than the last, a pleasant turn

in waters spirited by her welcome.


Eyes will always create a sea

of emotion whether dry or stain

can embody love, we may see

sweet reflection in pools of rain.


A trail of favor will dance a crest

in fortune’s landscape we descend,

water’s cleanse, in delight suggest

we can wash away a bitter end.


There is a rise in a quiet stream

just beyond the last glen

where outside the pain we seem

awaits peace of mind just then.




2 responses to “There Is A Quiet Stream”

  1. Thank you Thom. I can hear the stream. And I need to in times like these.

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    1. thanks Mark, I appreciate that 🙂

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