Seeking Solace

My body is aching,

or is it I’m losing my



Lay alone counting days,

months have recalled years,

now decades,

today just a few hours,

prolong swiftly passing



It is much like this,

the people suggest,

without a direct reference,

people, human beings,

become easily strangers

of the human condition.


What we can recall today,

is the immediate,

just seconds ago, minutes away,

last night, I do – think out loud again,

and today my tears remain.


When our yesterday

brings grief and confusion,

when the days beforehand,

the memory of a soul,

when everything melds itself,

into a blur – the fog lays quiet

we always remark upon the past.


Random outcomes used to hurt

for a brief second,

the end of the news,

a report from a far away land.

We used to talk about how lucky …


I want to feel that piece of mind,

the one, offered peace, offered peace.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions …

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