This is not where I am,

who I might be,

what defines who I wish to become,

yet hear me,

as I am this person today.


I am poolside,

imagining serenity,

a body of a man-made cleansing,

fills the depths of reality before my eyes.

I wait, and wonder,

is there an energy here feels as worthy,

as an afternoon sun-lit within the mystique of the sea.


I can watch waves crest,

the moonlit sky of an autumn night,

the nature of love around me,

always with a curious eye toward


any indication of my fascination suggests

I brought you here for a reason,

tonight, in the morning,

during that spring storm,

while I notice,

a calm curiosity

allows us to exist together,

in this atmosphere of serenity …

I wonder if one might ever find that at home.


In the meantime,

though it has the fresh plastic

of an arrangement,

a sort of preconceived idea,

its reality still evolves …





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