Outside, My Comfort Zone

I wanted to
experience a life
where my misgivings,
those petulant moods,
would be disallowed.

I noticed she was smiling
when his comments,
in her eyes,
amused her mood,
and her fingertips twirled
motions long and spectacular.

It is that life I imagine,
I’d like to have,
the one with petticoats,
and a tuxedo’s flair.
I wish to be the magic knight,
that spirited real composition.

I spoke of deadlines today,
reminders of a simple folk,
the mechanical nature of time
speaks only to those told,
instead of a bargaining chip,
the weighted mantle speaks.

I stepped outside today,
for the weather, not really,
instead to measure the beauty
of time beyond my own,
past the line of eyesight,
told me I was watching their …

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