High Standard

What is it weighs upon our


own effort to allow peace,


there is a trigger of dispute,

speaks a loud,

sometimes soft in the middle of the night,

a measure of decency

will not exist when in full force.

if you can feel me shudder,

please say hello,

give me an indication,

a sign, a suggestive sigh,

one might allow my reaction

to hold similar synapse.


I’m looking for a symbiotic

gesture of a definition,

perhaps it might be


I can never really be sure.


When I walk in a room,

see the eyes,

a bevy of personalities

to match up with my own,

I wonder often, too much, beyond scope,

I question,

really that’s all I ever do,

I look for an in-road,

tells me, in a quiet truth,

I’m ok,

the burden remains chained

so I will never completely run away,

always to be found,

standing nearby,

speculative and lacking any semblance of



I mistaken my pain

for your happiness,

we have come full circle then.


The evolution of life.

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