When People Die

Oh, listen to yourself,

ranting about the obvious,

‘don’t want to go there’

We do end up thinking about it,

whether we choose,

if we are confused,

while we live our own lives,

we forget that in a sudden reality

the human condition,






people we have let go,

we don’t know anymore,

we think we don’t know,


the simple reality is we do still know


somehow, someway,

if you touched my life,

I did yours too,

if I disappointed you,

at least there is that recall,

and ambition when tried and tested,

becomes a natural desire,

a need,

a perhaps guiding moment,

to say I’m sorry,

to say I’m going to miss you, wish you, need you,

– I love you – I forgive you –

(though for some too difficult)

is all we can really ever do,

when people die.

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