A Somber Prayer

While everyone would celebrate,
a hearty welcome
a hopeful grin,
We sometimes forget to eliminate
the heartless nature of humanity’s flaw.
We are fallible,
no one contests that ability
to censor those that deserve scrutiny.
Nor do we ever forgive
ourselves when found to be forgotten.
They pulled another student out of the river,
while still alive across town, a human being cried.
Inside the marketplace her tears ran makeup,
while he played with fire just out of earshot.
We lost a life, gained a solemn reality.
Our hearts may break
the people continue on,
the tears are shed,
and I’m afraid,
not scared,
just nervous,
I’m convinced the forgetful nature of the human condition,
that search for goodness,
remains tested with every notion
that betrayal may offer the weak in mind.

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