Mockery in Accordance

If my words reach you today
bound in choice of mood’s dismay,
suggest we deride our lives
beyond whose imagination derives
a certain notion
a love potion
number five on my list of ten
gives balance to my pretend
nature of survival
to manage my rival
to lose my sanity.

As when a rollercoaster,
shaves a metal beyond my grasp
would scream and grind and holler
while bodies remain in clasp,
we haven’t choice to step off
little option to deny
only continue until we are let off
without ever asking why.

When first I learned to speak,
I would ready my mind at peak
of attention grabbing moments
as eyes nearby might lament
the beauty and grace of words
only to be forgotten afterwards.
Yet while age would rust metal
the clean machine losing its metal
until everyone nearby might die
if their word over another belie.

Ask to know the favor of respect
Beyond however we need expect.

Please I would love you to share words, suggestions ...

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