While Gentle Waves Pass

It is the rigidity of pause,
when unable,
lost inside a dream’s terror,
something to wake to,
that is horrific,
that we might endure,
while all around our lives,
looking them directly in the eye,
we cannot step away from who we are.

In a mass of confusion, often determined
thoughts transpire toward
each other
those we call to understand
alongside the ones who, we, only …
hope to recognize
as a fellowship
inside the haunt,
the sallow grounds of insecurity,
that place we all avoid.

Yet stand inside
for more than a moment
only the time we desire to –
breathe free,
like a gentle wave of calm,
if only then we might see each other
as we once were before
the roller coaster,
well beyond the initial lurch
into a reality,
whereby our lives became who we design.

If when next time while we wait a quiet release
might the universal hold of knowledge offer peace.

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