We Breathe In Crimson


We’re disconnected,
walking in circles,
wishing doves sing

Don’t want any tears,
I’d rather pretend
life is more than a mirror.

Where do they go,
when someone dies,
how do we know
they can ever be again

“How can you leave (us) standing”
the world is alone without you,
I wish I could step into the rain,
I wish the color scheme streamed


“Dearly Beloved”
talking out loud
about life
and ‘the afterworld’

When is it we can finally
realize mortality
long before the shock
of sudden departure.

I never did realize my dreams
back in 1999 I was a punk,
wanting “a little red…”
consequence in life is my
good night

Peace to your soul,
we all speak the truth,
pursed lips in an

everlasting smile.

“When doves cry”

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