We weep without welcome

in sorrow

walk alone in grief some


fail to arrive

only pander the soul

to imagine this is all there is

when waking again

the storm outside has no subside

just fury and resonant shame.


Again the walls of midnight loom

a reminder of thoughtful

somehow inherent gloom.

Count the chips in humanity

brushing against the shelter

so quickly turn facade,

the dream of yesterday begin,

tease the hopeful challenge ahead.


Yet why haven’t we stopped,

allowed our inhibitions to rise from the fury

of resilient hypocrisy.

Instead we stay in dark swaddling gauze,

the sort wraps around a burning mantle

only solvent in its manner

a flicker of hope

is a search while a surreal epiphany

extinguish the fire


Yes to life, to live, to overcome

the burden of this self aggrandizing

reality of fear.

Yes to somehow when sunlight breaks

again to understand the morrow.

Whilst nearby laughter in happy stride

cause pain to withered imagination,

look to visualize,

breathe a little peace in

sorrowful mind.


We are as bleak as inspiration in shallow breeze.

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