Waking the Dead

We have sad ignorance,

a special time,

for fear, for travesty, perchance

our lives have met their maker.

We have a media blitz on judgment,

reality TV is American pride,

it sucks to imagine love is a second hand


I’m watching the clips of protest,

the hands reaching out,

the snarls the angry eyes, the fear

is rampant in Chicago,

who’s in line to be the leader tonight.

We have a speaker,

who is willing to take credit

for the painful nature of chaos.

‘I don’t want to see people get hurt’

but we are watching it right now,

across the country we’re all appalled by superiority.

Can we please break the silence,

break the barriers,

break the monotony of prejudice.

We need to stop counting on death of morality,

the suffocation of the human condition.

We need to watch ourselves,

Wake up America,


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