Further Down The Road

This atmosphere of suggestive passage,

a period world-drawn, society driven.

when we wake,

in euphoric harmony we settle

a less anxiety endured holiday.

We celebrate every waking hour of our lives,

just depends,

how sufficient our independence merits

survival mode.

There is always that nature of humanity,

the obstacle,

the thinking paralysis of time,

beyond the machine of satisfaction.

Suppose the sun chose to alter the mind,

play a little game with time,

shadows, bleak horizons, malnutrition,

a simple chaotic twist to our reality.

I wouldn’t count on that to be your driving force,

instead of pessimism,

choose a handle supports a forward motion,

think about love,

what drives the mind crazy more than delight,

passion, surreal motion in heavenly energy.

She is, he is, we are

together on this sort of travel,

that is,

our own personal daily ritual,

finding self.

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