Twisting Reality

We do this,

with very little effort energy shifts

a ground game

in sudden reactionary freedom,

an easy decision.

A candidate stood fast upon a symbolic


The people praise,

the papers print,

the quiet retrospect of society


Ever try to discover the moment

when an occurrence

will be felt with instinct

2400 miles away.

We do live here alive in our lives,

all around the people cry

some laugh, dance, decide to walk away,

yet, we remember when

we felt a certain ping,

perhaps a conscious ignorance,

when our world suddenly turned


They told me to walk away,

remove yourself,

avoid becoming involved.

Soon after the revolution began,

we were torn

apart by the hungry masses,

unafraid of a solemn reality.

Any longer,

we’ll forget who we are,

certainly why we are,

when another opportunity,

seems a safer bet.

Sounds like a debate in my own head,

imagine the other conversation.

That dream last night,

tonight’s nightmare,

without shutting eyes,

just a common stare.

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