To Settle Storm

While outside the sky docile

would deceive a most mindful eye,

it is the quiet, resolute, docile

spirit of ambition,

waits in darkness, in the corner,

along the side of the road,

that place where waltzing past,

the mind lays in wonder,

curious if what is missed,

really matters anymore.

The occasional reminder is impact,

that surge of reality,

the piece of mind frightens its beheld

captain of survival.

When the worst of mind,

continues to grow

time will stand still,

time can forget about normalcy,

until the winds begin to sway,

we must always understand the change,

change in season,

change in heart,

change in respect to who we were

just then,

when the screaming fire of heated exchange

passed so nearly close to

who we might have been


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