Walkways to Freedom

I wonder about my daily routine,

is it less foreboding than the typical struggle.

I mean,

are we all driven by the same machine,

that spiritual accentuate fantasy

the one calls out our name whenever we feel

we are alone.

To me freedom feels misunderstood,

I walk inside a dream world everyday,

without interference,

little do I need to ever say why,

yet you,

my friend on the other side,

you who live in  constant challenge,

simply to be heard,

you who when ‘the man’ decides they’ve had enough,

become that central figure in bigotry.

We are a nation of healers,

forgotten by the turmoil of understanding fear,

its prevalence inside our everyday


I want to know that when I stand alone

on the corner of America,

the faces and ghosts of time that fly by,

won’t be talking about me a block and half later.

Instead, I want our focus to continue to grow,

to move beyond the stale nature of ignorance.

I want our lives to truly embrace

what is freedom

in my life, yours, anyone who cares.

I want you to join me, forgive me,

join me.

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